Coronavirus + Home office with Kids in Germany

Since last week, our kids stay home. My daughter's elementary school is closed, a teacher was tested positive with Coronavirus. The other two kids visiting Kita (kindergarten) because we limited our social interactions to help flatten the curve.

Additionally, thanks to Wayfair, I can work fully remotely during these times, which is both great and challenging. Remote work can be challenging, remote work with kids at home and with no way to go out brings it to different level.

So, what is our plan? We're following a mixture of Kita and Elementary school schedule:

  • Keep morning routines, everyone gets dressed (same challenge as with home office)
  • Start the "home school" with a Morgenkreis with all kids together
  • Lectures from school for older & fine motorics drawing/painting for younger
  • Short breaks during the day for everyone to refresh
  • Longer breaks for lunch/snacks
  • Reward the work to keep everyone motivated - nice words, candy and collectible cards
  • Using online materials

List of online resources in German that we use, or plan to use:

Most importantly, I have to thank my whole family for handling the situation, my wife for staying sane and pro-actively spending time with kids with all the stress around, the community that provides amazing & free resources and also the school teachers and other parents who are sharing more specific study materials and homeworks.

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Ikea Kitchen Planner on Linux

From time to time I face a decision when I have to ask myself "Why Would You Ever Do Something Like This?".

One of these cases is Ikea, with really nice Kitchen planner.

The caveat?

It doesn't run on Linux. You end up automatically redirected on previous page.


There is OS detection with automatic redirection to planner selection without any explanation what so ever, if you are not running "supported OS".

So, how can I use Ikea Metod Planner on Linux? Just use following links:

  • Germany:
  • Czech:
  • US:

Huge thanks to folks discussing this on, I would never figure this out without you.

I strongly believe this might be useful to someone, or even myself in the future :-)

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Too Long; Didn't Read - or as an acronym: TL;DR. It's also very useful cli application. A collection of simplified and community-driven man pages - When I saw this I knew I have to set it up on all my machines immediately.

Finally, after years, I am able to extract the archive on Linux without checking Google first, instead, I tldr it.

$ tldr tar


  Archiving utility.
  Often combined with a compression method, such as gzip or bzip.

  - Create an archive from files:
    tar cf target.tar file1 file2 file3

  - Create a gzipped archive:
    tar czf target.tar.gz file1 file2 file3

  - Extract an archive in a target folder:
    tar xf source.tar -C folder

Installing tldr

If you are node user, you can install it with single command npm install -g tldr. You can also use the implementation in other languages, check the official repo for other clients.

The second option is to use docker container. This also prevents the app to read anything from your filesystem.

$ docker run -it --rm mhlavac/tldr-docker tldr tar

You can also disable network for extra security --network=none.

Setting up docker alias

To make tldr more accessible via docker, set it up as an alias in your rc file.

alias tldr='docker run -it --rm mhlavac/tldr-docker tldr'

To run tldr after setting up the alias:

$ tldr tar

I hope you enjoy tldr as much as I do.

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